About Kingdom Elite Tactical and Professor Welch:


Kingdom Elite Tactical is a division of Elite Training Specialists, Inc. ETS is a research based use of force training company that serves the professional communities of Criminal Justice, Military, Education, Health Providers, Fire/EMS, and both low and high risk Security agencies as well as Private, Business & Corporate personnel We also specialize in Training just the everyday citizen in the use of Firearms and in Hand to Hand Self-Defense.  ETS is a product of a training methodology based on the principles of Adult Combat Training Techniques that can be performed under stress, and which can be learned quickly.


Kingdom Elite Tactical training centers around research methodology based on the development of documented Tactical & Legal research.

Professor Garry Welch is the Chief Instructor of all Firearms and Tactical Training Programs. Professor Welch is a Master Instructor in different disciplines and styles of Combat Handgun, Combat Shotgun and Tactical Rifle. And also holds a Grandmaster’s Rank in the Martial Arts.

Grand Master Welch and Kingdom Elite Tactical now specialize in Israeli Combat Firearms Training with Handgun, Shotgun and Tactical Rifle. Also known as the Israeli Method of Point Shooting.


Kingdom Elite Tactical’s Firearms Programs offers the following types of Training:

*Israeli Combat Shooting

*Combat Shotgun

*Tactical Rifle

*3rd Party Protection / VIP

*Home Defense Courses

*Close Quarter Battle

*Concealed Carry Courses

*Enhanced Carry Courses

*Cross-Over Courses

*Weapon Transition Courses

*Ladies Only Training Courses

*Krav Maga Defensive Tactics

*Self-Defense & Personal Protection


Professor Welch has been actively training Local, County, State and Federal Law Enforcement personnel in Tactical and Firearms Tactics for approx. 20 years. He has also been employed by Municipal Police Departments, County Sheriff’s Departments, State Law Enforcement as an Agent and also by the Federal Government, as well as being a Trainer, he has actively worked as an Officer and Agent in various positions in Law Enforcement.



A brief history and background


Elite Training Specialists, Inc. was incorporated in 1994 for the purpose of providing Law Enforcement, Security, Military & Civilians with the most up to date Personal Protection and use of force & tactical training options available. And Professor Welch and the Staff continue to complete Instructor & Instructor Trainer courses to allow us to offer the most up to date training options. Elite Training Specialists, Inc. also has a Staff of highly trained instructors and close quarter protection specialists.  President & Grand Master Instructor Garry Welch has over 20 years of Law Enforcement and Law Enforcement Training experience. Garry has worked as a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer at the Municipal, County, State & Federal level during his career. He also has over 35 years’ experience training Civilians, Law Enforcement Officers, Security Personnel, Military and Martial Arts at the local, state and federal level. With the creation of the TSA and the Air Marshall program after the Terrorist Attacks of 911 Garry was selected to be an Instructor Trainer & a Training Coordinator for the Federalization of all 429 US & US Territories civilian air ports, and he was also one of 4 people chosen to start the training for the Federal Air Marshalls at the FAA Training Base in Atlantic City, NJ. Garry taught classes in Air Craft Counter Measures, Close Quarter Combat, Ground Fighting, Knife Defense, Weapon Retention & Disarming, Handcuffing and Defensive Tactics. Garry holds a Grand Master Level Black Belt (8th Dan) in the Martial Arts and is a 2015 inductee into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame as “Distinguished Master". He currently studies under Professor Wayne Carman (10th Degree / Grand Master) with the International TCB Karate & Martial Arts Association. He is also a Full Krav Maga Instructor and operates an Israeli Krav Maga Associate school under Professor Marty Cale of the Krav Maga Association and he is also a Krav Maga Police Defensive Tactics Instructor in the Authentic form of Israeli Krav Maga. KET Staff are also Certified as Israeli Krav Maga Instructors for Law Enforcement and Civilians.



 Law Enforcement courses include, but are not limited to, Firearms, Close Quarter Combat, SWAT, Knife Defense, Chemical Agents, Defensive Tactics and many other subject matters. Garry is an Expert Witness in Law Enforcement Use of Force issues and he has taught at the Federal & State Police Academy levels for 8 years. He is also a VIP, Dignitary & Close Quarter Protection Specialists (Body Guard) and Elite Training Specialists, Inc. also offers these services to the public.


Kingdom Elite Tactical can structure any Firearms training course to fit the needs of any budget of any agency or department. We also provide training for Private Lessons to Individual and at the Corporate Level and to the Business World as well as Churches and other institutions.


A List and Description of all Combat Firearms Courses is listed on the Kingdom Elite Tactical home page.

Kingdom Elite Tactical’s mission is to train law enforcement, military, security, and civilians in the use of force field as it applies to their specific needs.  The type of training offered is hands on defensive tactics and weapons training inherent to the enforcement and protection profession.  Personal protection programs are designed for advanced security in the homeland protection field.

KET offers multiple Training Classes to Civilians on a regular basis.

 Part of our mission is to train individuals in the Israeli Method of Combat as well as Conceal Carry Courses, Home Defense Courses and Ladies Only Training Classes.


ETS Staff all have backgrounds in Law Enforcement and/or Martial Arts.


ETS conducts training on the road by hosting agencies throughout the country.  We also provide training at our home range facility. The training techniques are researched and proven through actual encounters in the field.  Our goal is to insure that students survive and are not statistics.


Kingdom Elite Tactical has many training courses available to law enforcement, civilian, military, medical staff, school staff, security & executive/dignitary protection.  Our courses range from basic to advanced training.  Detailed course descriptions and hosting information are available upon request.

We host many different types of training at our Home Range or we can bring the training to you.


Whether the individuals being trained are law enforcement, military, security or civilian groups, they will all be trained in the legal and moral aspects of the techniques they have been taught.  The legal responsibilities of the above are all somewhat different and require specific training so that each student can survive both physically and mentally.

Our number one objective in all courses is to insure that the student receives the best training possible and has a very Positive Training Experience.  Each and every student will leave the program with confidence in their ability to protect themselves and the ability to perform under stress.


Kingdom Elite Tactical can develop any type of a training course for any of the following


*Law Enforcement




*Security (Low Risk or High Risk)




*Health Care Providers




*Corporate & Business World


*Private Lessons for Individuals and Families







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